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From ‘The Swan’ to The Beatles, performance brings ‘good’ music to elementary students

A lesson on classical music turned contemporary when a pair of violin players, along with two cellists, explained to hundreds of elementary school students why they weren’t playing Justin Bieber at a concert in Williston on Friday morning. Kira Kraftzoff, of the string quartet Russian Quattro, pointed out that it’s rare for popular musicians to take significant places in history, while classical music has endured over centuries. “There are only two kinds of music in on this planet — t...
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By Elizabeth Hackenburg

Riveting Russian Quattro performs at Simon Estes

Six years of piano lessons from Maryann Corrigan and five years playing the bass clarinet in the Novinger High School Band did not make me a music connoisseur. I did grow up in Pure Air, Missouri where my family was frequently entertained by the Charlie Truitt family from the next hill over, our version of the Bald Knobbers. Charlies' grandson Brent Truitt currently plays mandolin with the Steel Drivers, a bluegrass band and winner of the 2015 Grammy for the best bluegrass album. Truitt has...
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Submitted by Elaine Daniels Schweizer Concert Series Board Member Feb 15, 2017


Венгерский мэтр новой музыки, в этом году отметивший 90-летие, – композитор в основном камерный, немалую долю в списке его опусов занимают многочастные циклические сочинения. Среди них – «Фрагменты из Кафки», завершенные Куртагом около трех десятилетий назад. И только теперь силами международного дуэта в составе петербургского скрипача Владислава Песина и немецкой вокалистки Аннет Эльстер состоялась российская премьера. «Тот, кто читает Кафку, должен как бы… музицировать одновременно, – за...
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